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What’s a Döner Kebab?

Döner Kebab (pronounced du-ner-keh-bob) is a Turkish phrase that literally translates as “rotating meat”, not to be confused with “shish kebab” which means “skewered meat.”

Spitz’s Döner Kebabs are made with freshly minced lamb and beef or chicken which is then cooked on a rotating vertical broiler to allow its juices to drip down and caramelize on the surface. The meat is shaved off into paper-thin strips and stuffed into sandwiches, wraps or salads with house-made sauces, toppings and sides. The result is a delicious yet healthy cuisine loved the world over and finally brought to you here in the US by Spitz.

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Döner Falafel Salad

Döner Falafel Salad
Falafel, romaine, onion, green pepper, cucumber, olives, feta, pepperoncinis, tomato, tzatziki, chili sauce, fried lavash chips

Street Cart Fries

Street Cart Fries
Our famous fries topped with garlic aioli, feta, onion,green pepper, tomato, olives, pepperoncinis and chili sauce

Spicy Chicken Döner Sandwich

Spicy Chicken Döner Sandwich
Chicken, pepperoncinics, romaine, onion, green pepper, cucumber, tomato, tzatziki extra chili sauce


Lavash bread rolled with zesty feta, onion and aioli, friend to perfection and smothered with feta, aioli, onion, pepperoncinis, green pepper, tomato, olives and chili sauce

Beef & Lamb Döner Lite Wrap

Beef & Lamb Döner Lite Wrap
Beef, lamb, pepperoncinics, romaine, onion, green pepper, cucumber, tomato, tzatziki sauce, chili sauce

Sweet Potato Fries

Sweet Potato Fries
For those who like it simple - try these fries with some of our garlic aioli sauce, you'll be hooked.
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